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7 Healthy Habits to incorporate during 21 days lock down

As you know entire world is facing the crisis due to Corona virus outbreak, everyone is working from home.

While you stay at home gift yourself and your family a healthy lifestyle, and build strong immunity as it has been proved that stronger immunity can fights this type of virus.

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So here I am sharing healthy life style habits

1. Sleep early

“Early to bed. Early to rise “when you make this habit you will see the change in your body you feel so fresh and energetic, make this habit and see the changes.

2. Do a Digital Detox

Use your laptop and mobile for work, take regular breaks and spare some time to spend with your family and kids, avoid using social media and turn off the notifications. This will help you to reduce screening time.

3. Start your day with 2 glasses warm water

This will help you to detoxify your digestive system, and improve metabolism. You can incorporate lemon or amla juice (optional)

4. Include Fruits/ Soaked Nuts in your Diet

Fruits/dry fruits (any seasonable fruit or figs, prunes, dates) and soaked nuts (almond/walnut) etc. fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals and the are full of antioxidant.

5. Exercise

During lock down period, the travel time that you saved can be utilized for home workout. People always complain that they are not getting enough time to exercise so now take this as an opportunity

6. Follow your passion-

Utilize this time to do the things which you always wanted to do like playing your favorite indoor sports, singing, dancing, cooking or whatever activities makes you feel happy.

7. Finish your dinner early-

Try to finish your dinner before 7 PM and make sure there is a gap of 2-3 hours between dinner and bedtime

Additional Tips for Work from Home

  • Stretch your body after every hour

  • Do not sit more than 1 hr. on same place

  • Avoid munching specially packed items.

  • Drink plenty of water.

Stay at home stay fit stay healthy!

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